May 17, 2008

New Auther

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Finnaly i have a new auther my older bro he probaly wont post alot but still! he might post later and introduce himself!!! ltr oh ya and now ill sign my screen name on all of my post so u can tell us apart!



BIG jake (Aaaahh)

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There was a new bartender in town. One night, a man ran into the bar and screamed, “RUN FOR YOUR LIVES, BIG JAKE IS COMIN’!”

Everybody ran out the door shrieking in fear, except the terrified bartender.

An enormous man with more tattoos than skin then stalked into the bar. He said, “I’ll take a vodka. Now.”

The petrified bartender hands him the bottle. He drains it, and then eats the shot glass, followed by the bottle. The bartender, quivering in fear, said, “Would you…would you like another?”

The hulking brute said, “No thanks. I’ve got to get out of here. Didn’t you hear? Big Jake is comin’!”

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