March 17, 2008


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Hey Everbody,

If u happen to stop by my webpage please post a joke.

Because all the jokes that are getting posted that i said someone posted were all from the same person so please post



March 14, 2008


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My website definitley needs more jokes and i want the next jokes to be from U so just click where it says ‘no coments’ or it might say an amount of comments and post a joke plz we need ur help. also if u see this website plz reccamend it to ur family and friends, and i promise once i start getting alot of hits i’ll start posting alot of jokes i have notebook jammed full with them! thanks and please give jokes and reccamend my site :’-)

March 13, 2008


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Im going to use this website for JOKES!!!

Please post a couple and i will post a TON! also tell your friends about this blog cause my webpage needs alot of hits!!! When i get 500 HITS i will post 10 more jokes Loooooooonnnnnnnngggggggg jokes lol 

The rules,

No cussing

no posting dirty jokes

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