May 21, 2008

Practical jokes

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Heres some practical jokes of mine, i might be doing some utube vids on these!!!

Cold shower: take a glass of ice cold water (or an ice tray) and sneek in the bathroom when someones taking a shower and dump it over and in 2 the shower then RUNNNNN!!!!!!!

Sticking a glass of  water 2 the wall!:  bet someone that you can stick a glass of ICE cold water 2 the wall wit a rock. Chances are they wont think u can bcause u cant! so go to a wall ( i recamend u do it outside) and start trying to stick it 2 the wall wit the rock “accedintaly” drop the rock and ask them politely 2 get the rock for u when they bend down 2 get it pour the water on there head!!!  p.s. Be prepared 2 RUN and im not responsible if the run after u like a mad lion!!!

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